Mycroleum Spray Lubricant / Penetrant

Spray 16oz
Mycroleum Spray Lubricant / Penetrant with patent pending Mycroleum Technology is a uniquely formulated penetrating spray lubricant that applies quickly and evenly to penetrate, cover and protect against all types of friction. It loosens seized components and lubricates them as they break free. The higher the temperature of the area being treated the faster the product will penetrate. The lubricating elements of the product have the same properties as Mycroleum oil treatments which contain an entire package of proprietary ingredients that provide superior lubrication. These special lubricant properties allow for a reduction in friction, heat, wear, and energy consumption in areas where maximum lubrication and protection is required. The result is Mycroleum Spray Lubricant / Penetrant outlasts and out performs other products on the market, protecting your equipment, big or small, from expensive downtime and excessive maintenance. Mycroleum does not contain any lead, PTFE, or chlorinated paraffins.

Spray Trigger sold separately.

Product Data Sheet

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