About us

Mycroleum provides superior products through the use of its patent pending Mycroleum Technology. No Mycroleum product contains lead, PTFE, chlorinated paraffin’s, or antimony components. Rather, Mycroleum products are blended with premium raw materials, the best available in the marketplace.

Mycroleum services the commercial and industrial sectors within several verticals, with particular experience in the trucking, manufacturing, mining, heavy construction and the utility industry as well as many others. Mycroleum has a collective 150 years of experience in the lubrication and additive industry. Mycroleum’s customers have access to our knowledge base addressing trouble shooting, problem solving, lubrication management, and performance optimization.

Our Mission

Produce superior products at a price reflecting true value with unparalleled support serviced by highly trained employees exceeding customer expectations and requirements.

Our Vision

Provide quality products producing superior performance and reliable, ethical service to value conscious customers globally.

Our Values and People

Our commitment to render ethical services to our customers always reminds us to uphold our own principles. We continually improve towards maintaining this vision. Accordingly, we believe in:

  • Professionalism in our interactions with everyone;
  • Dedication to superior products;
  • Excellent customer service.

We continue to produce superior products achieving the highest performance level, together with challenging the human spirit to produce value to our customers setting Mycroleum apart in the marketplace. Besides, we’re just nice!

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